It all started when...

  My first daughter was born in 1995.  I wanted to take good pictures of my children, so I bought a Canon SLR 35 mm.  Next, I had to learn about photography.  I knew nothing about film speeds, f stops, shutter speeds, etc...  I found that my local camera shop offered 3 levels of classes, so I took all three.  I was skeptical of going digital, but after almost going broke burning through rolls and rolls of film and the cost of processing, I gave in and tried it.   It was great, bad shot....delete.  Now I had to learn the post processing.  After so many years of digital, and many trials and errors I think I finally have it all together.  My passion is strong and I will continue to learn.  I hope you enjoy my portfolio as much as I enjoyed creating the images in it.

It’s My Life, My Vision, My Way!!!!
— Darrell Bumbala